The Hossettes

Traditional Bluegrass Music

Band bio

Sharing a reverence for the soulful harmonies and powerful drive of the pioneering bands of bluegrass, the Hossettes (hoss-ettes) bring tremendous talent and energy to the stage. After jamming together for many years, this group of skilled and versatile women banded together in 2014 with a common goal - to promote and preserve traditional bluegrass, sung a few keys higher. The Hossettes impress audiences with duets, trios, and even an occasional quartet number as they maneuver around a single-mic with both command and grace.

The Hossettes Bluegrass Band

hailey pexton - mandolin, guitar, vocals

In between her lead and harmony vocals in the band, Hailey likes to serve up some energetic, traditional-style mandolin. She conjures the heart and soul of mountain music and the bluegrass. 

The Hossettes Bluegrass Band


When not birthing goats, digging 40 pounds of garlic out of her garden, or teaching high school students, Angela finds the time for her true love - playing bluegrass music. She is a multi-instrumentalist and is well known in California for her solid, driving bass playing. On the banjo, she is often regarded as a female Ralph Stanley in both taste and tone. 

The Hossettes Bluegrass Band


After attending her first Father's Day Bluegrass Festival in 2003, Julie was deeply inspired and determined to learn fiddle tunes and return the next year to pick in a jam. Julie enjoys playing traditional bluegrass because of its emphasis on instrumental breaks and tight vocal harmonies. Her favorite fiddlers include Bobby Hicks, Kimber Ludiker, John Mailander and many more. Julie joined the band in 2015 and is excited about the band's future.

The Hossettes Bluegrass Band

karen wilhoyte - guitar, vocals

Karen found bluegrass while studying tropical biology in Costa Rica, where she befriended a banjo player. Having grown up with the Latin rhythms and beats of Miami, Florida, she was inspired to learn the bass and guitar so that she could be the heartbeat of the bluegrass sound. She is known for her strong sense of groove and time. She is dedicated to preserving and promoting the sounds and styles of traditional bluegrass music



Larisa Pilatti joins us from the beautiful redwood coast, in Arcata, California. She has a passion for hard-driving bluegrass. With her solid timing and traditional taste she holds it down and is proud to be part of this band. She has played with The Sisters Grim Band and Joe's Tenthouse Revival.